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Commercial Moving

Planning and management are two of the most important aspects of an office move.  Our experience has shown

that having a dedicated commercial moving specialist, as well as, a commercial moving team has served our

customers well, as we assist you in all aspects of your move.


Providing a comprehensive commercial moving service. For over 14 years, we have been moving businesses,

offices and companies in the Austin, Texas area for lower rates.   When and where can we move you?  We are

familiar with the special requirements of commercial moves. We can move you at night, over a weekend, or on

a holiday.  We also can unpack and set up your specified floor plan and instructions.


The Texan Moving offers a full-service commercial relocation package.  You could open the doors at your new

location the very next business day -  without losing even one hour of work!


The Texan Moving is the right choice for the following reasons:

  • An affordable and trustworthy alternative to other, more expensive, moving companies located in

  • Austin, Texas.

  • Provides a free, onsite, binding estimate that will address all your relocation needs. 

  • Compose a customized relocation plan to fit your company's need and budget.

  • Our staff is honest, experienced, and reliable; providing special handling of computers, printers, and

  • other sensitive electronics.

  • We offer dismantling and reassembling of all items. (Our staff will supply all tools that will be needed).

  • We have general and customized liability coverage that includes your goods, property, trucks, and

  • workman's compensation.

  • We supply protection against facility damage protecting carpets and floors, as well as, moving blankets

  • to protect furnishings.

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