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Why Trailers

The Texan Moving
The Texan Moving

Why are moving trailers more efficient than box trucks?


Trailers will reduce the chances of any damages to your items
since, our trailers are only 1-foot from the ground with wider
loading ramps. Versus box trucks that are 5-feet from the ground
with thinner and longer ramps. Making it almost  impossible to
Trailers can be parked in locations where box trucks can not.
Faster loading time since our enclosed moving trailers do not
have loading lift gates.  Waiting on the lift gates to go up and
down takes time.  The Texan Moving uses a ramp which makes 
loading time faster and more efficient.
Saves you time and money.
Box trucks are limited to a size maximum of 26-feet long. Means
more trips and more money.
While The Texan Moving  trailers range from 24-feet long to 40-feet
long, meaning less trips, less time, and big savings. 
Trailers vs Box Trucks

The Texan Moving's trailers straight into the trailer - no waiting.

Box Trucks take time waiting on the lift gate to go up or down.

The Texan Moving
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