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Piano Moving

The Texan Moving will send a trained crew of movers to handle the relocation of your piano.  The crew of

piano movers will come equipped with the proper tools and equipment needed based on the piano’s

description, type, make, and model. 


Please, be as forthright as possible, in regards to necessary information about the piano; such as, weight,

etc., so we can assure the safety of your piano and of our movers.  We want a smooth and safe service for

all parties involved.  Many times it requires between 2 and 3 professionals to appropriately dissemble and

move pianos of different dimensions.

Time to move the piano?  Let’s face it... in the world of moving, “piano” is a dreaded word.  Though it really

does not have to be.  With the right set of tools and equipment, while using proper technique, moving a piano

does not have to be a problem.  We make sure that our piano movers are trained and competent to complete

the task.  The movers at The Texan Moving will make sure that it is delivered to it’s destination in the same

condition as when it was picked up by our piano movers.

The Texan Moving
The Texan Moving
The Texan Moving
The Texan Moving
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